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Who is ""?

" " is the interactive online service operated by BC Tennis Buyers Club (BC Tennis B.C.), an independently owned initiative that is dedicated to providing tennis enthusiasts in British Columbia with a comprehensive online source of tennis-related information, products and services.
By submitting articles, essays, reviews, email feedback, pictures, reports of local events, and ideas, members can take an active role in shaping into the ultimate online community for tennis players in the province.

Are you connected to Tennis BC?

No. Tennis BC is the provincial governing body for the sport of tennis in British Columbia and operate their own website. For more information, visit the Tennis BC profile in our 'Find A Club' feature.

Why should someone sign up with

Free email for a start. You can open your account right now. Yes, we know, everyone already has a Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo account! But email is fun, easy to use and shows you are part of the BC tennis community.
Future membership programs may include contests, prize giveaways, and "Find a Player" for challenge play, practice or doubles all over BC. Besides, by joining, you help support a portal totally devoted to be your online source of tennis information and fun, one day at a time. JOIN NOW!

How does email work?

It works just like Hotmail and Yahoo. You can use it as much as you want, for as long as you want. It has all of the features: address book, advanced editor, filtering, signatures, pop mail, auto-reply, and more.
Since is a smaller community, more user names are available. You can probably get that user name you wanted which you couldn't get with Hotmail.

I signed up, but my email is not working yet.

Give it a few days and check back. If it still doesn't work, email us.

How can we support

Tell all of your friends about the site. The more people you tell, the more people join, the more that members interact and contribute, and the more you get out of belonging to the BC tennis community. Don't wait until tomorrow....TELL A FRIEND NOW!

Can we sponsor

Yes, is accepting proposals for sponsorships at this time. We offer a variety of opportunities for our partners to get their message in front of tennis enthusiasts in British Columbia. Levels of exposure range from banner ads and web page listing to mini-websites. Talk to us.