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Steve Nash Junior Champs 2011
Felix Fan, above, left, and Brendan Guay are waiting 3 hours for their turn to play at the Steve Nash Sports Club, November 10-13. Fourteen year-old Felix beat Barak Jacob, 6-1, 6-1 for the Boys' 16 title.  Barak is son of the top Israeli coach Oded Jacob, who is hired to lead Tennis Canada West Coast training program in North Vancouver.

Photo 1 (left): Here are the four courts!  Only four!  And there are 226 players to play so many matches and ... yes, consolations too!   What do you expect?  Very long delays, frustrated parents, sleepy junior players, and tired Tournament Referee. Someone didn't do the math!  Even with the help of Town & Country and the River Tennis Club, the problem wasn't solved.  Evan McNicol finished his match at Friday night at 1:30 in the morning!   And for the consolations ... most matches were postponed to the following weekend.

Photo 2: Thirteen-year-old Rose Johanson reached the Girls' 18 final where she lost to Alexis Prokopuik, 6-2, 6-3.  Alexis was coming fresh from a USTA Regional Tournament Segment in Las Vegas, winning the Girls' 16 title.

Photo 3: Jared Maclean lost to Andre Sobati in the Boys' 12 quarters, 6-2, 6-1.

Photo 4: Jack Davis lost to Manroop Gill in the Boys' 14 quarters, 6-3, 6-4.
Event Entries Winner Runner-up
Boys' 10
Boys' 12
Boys' 14
Boys' 16
Boys' 18
Girls' 12
Girls' 14
Girls' 16
Girls' 18
Henry Ren
Owen Stimpson
Max Korkh
Felix Fan
Daniel Raw
Andreea Craciun
Monica Greene
Latonia Lam
Alexis Prokopuik
Braedon Eather
Andre Sobati
Manroop Gill
Barak Jacob
James Choi
Oleksandra Gorchanyuk
Renee Ren
Ashley Zhu
Rosie Johanson