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BC 2008 Top 10 Players
Here are BC's top 10 tennis players as of October 31:
  Henry Choi 1   Trudie du Toit
  Graeme Kassautzki 2   Sinziana Chis
  Jeremy Salvo 3   Katerina Boiko
  Geoffrey Hernandez 4   Kelly McNabney
  George Jecminek 5   Vivian Li
  Ash Misquith 6   Tracy Dong
  Patrick Flint 7   Meagan Barber
  Justin Kates 8   Yevgeniya Chuyeva
  Carl Ho 9   Carolina Abello
  Nick Coutts 10   Anett Ferenczi-Bako
Men's Rankings
The No. 1 player in BC for the second straight year is Henry Choi.  Henry, a pro at Van Lawn Tennis Club, is on the lookout for junior players with potential, to help them reach to the top.  He coaches and travels with Rebecca Marino of Vancouver to Junior Grand Slam events. The17-year-old Rebecca reached the quarterfinals of the Vancouver Open this year.

Graeme Kassautzki was the number one player in both 2005 and 2006, and Jeremy Salvo is a talented lefty with a good feel for touch shots. Patrick Flint and Nick Coutts are both from Victoria. They spent last winter in Australia playing on the pro circuit.

Geoffrey Hernandez is a Houston native who moved to BC two years ago, but intends to accepts tennis scholarship offer to go to school back in the State. Justin Kates is finishing law school.  Max Brown at No. 11 just missed the list.

Women's Rankings
The top rank this year belongs to Trudie du Toit.  Trudie reached the Stanley Park Open final where she lost to American Ruxandra Dumitrescu in a close match.  Trudie went to the University of Oregon in September to study and to play for their "A" division team.

A new addition to the Top 10 players in BC is the 15-year-old Anett Ferenczi-Bako from Hungary who came here in 2008.

Thirteen-year-old Tracy Dong of Surrey was the most improved female player of this season. Tracy continues to climb in the rankings.

Vivian Li is the winner of the Women's 45 Van Lawn Masters Indoor Singles Championships, while Kelly McNabney is the winner, along Max Brown, of the Stanley Park Open Mixed Doubles event.

Stefi Gjine, last year's top player, did not play the summer series this season, so isn't ranked here. She joined the top NCAA Division University of North Carolina tennis team in September.


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