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BC 2009 Top 10 Players
Here are BC's top 10 tennis players as of November 10:
  Daniel Chu 1   Katerina Boiko
  Henry Choi 2   Khristina Blajkevitch
  Nick Coutts 3   Monica Neveklovska
  George Jecminek 4   Alejandra Enderica
  Patrick Flint 5   Kelly McNabney
  Justin Kates 6   Vivian Tsui
  Graeme Kassautzki 7   Kelsey Anonsen
  David Chu 8   Saroop Dhatt
  Jeremy Salvo 9   Tracy Dong
  Nikolai Haessig 10   Runjia Gan
Men's Rankings
The top rank this year belongs to Daniel Chu, a powerful lefty, from Jericho Tennis Club.   Daniel is the former No. 1 University of Washington player.

Henry Choi, the number one player in both 2007 and 2008, beat Daniel Chu in the 2009 Stanley Park Open final.  Henry is a High Performance Coach at Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club.

Nick Coutts and Patrick Flint , both from Victoria, are the 2009 Stanley Park Open doubles finalists.

Two new additions to the Top 10 players in BC, this year, are David Chu, Daniel's younger brother, and the 16-year-old Nikolai Haessig.  David has just finished his University of Washington career, playing as high as No. 3 in his senior year and for Nikolai, he is one of the few selected players from across the country to join the first participants of Tennis Canada’s National Training Program in Montreal.

Women's Rankings
Burnaby's newest rising tennis star, 14-year-old Katerina Boiko, is the surprising top rank player of this year.  She beat No. 578 ranked, American Stacey Tan, in the first round of the Women's Qualifying Draw in the 2009 Vancouver Open.

Khristina Blajkevitch of New Westminters, who like Nikolai Haessig has been away at Tennis Canada's NTC program, is the winner of the 2009 Stanley Park Open.

Saroop Dhatt. won the 2009 U16 Girls Provincials singles and doubles and  Kelly McNabney won, along Nick Coutts, the 2009 Stanley Park Open Mixed Doubles event.    Monica Neveklovska of West Vancouver, is the winner of the Richmond Summer Series event.

Thirteen-year-old Runjia Gan is the youngest of them all.  She plays all her strokes with her forehand. She switches her racquet from the left hand to the right hand. She also serves with both her left and right hand.


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