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Progressive Tennis Tournament 2007
The Grant Connell Tennis Centre hosted the Progressive Tennis Tournament for 5-9 year olds, May 26-27, with 24 entries in the U10 event.

Above, from left to right, Carson Prokopuik, Isaac Davices, tennis pro Wayne Elderton, U10 runner up Sam Gouneili, and U10 winner Stewart Block.

Wayne is the Tennis Director at the Grant Connell Tennis Centre, a Level 4 Certified Tennis Canada Coach, and Head Course Facilitator for Coaching Certification in BC.

"Progressive Tennis is an innovation in junior development ,"  Wayne explained. "It uses a systematic progression of court sizes, balls, and racquets to scale the game down to an appropriate level for 5-9 year olds. The emphasis in this tournament is on participation, the enjoyment of playing, and being challenged to use their skills."

3/4 Court Tennis uses a scaled down court (length and width). For a 9 year old, the ratio of length to width is basically the same as a full-sized court is to an adult. This allows for development of an all-court game style with net play. The key is to develop the same tactics as full-court tennis along with associated techniques. 3/4 Court Tennis uses low-compression balls that facilitate this tactical development. The balls are easier to control and don't bounce as lively as a regular ball. They also assist development of good biomechanics. 3/4 Court Competition is played on an 18 x 6.5 meter court. Full tennis rules apply.

1/2 Court Tennis is played sideways across the court (11 meters) and is used for 5-7 year olds.

Using the Progressive Tennis approach can speed up the development of younger players.

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