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West Vancouver Senior Open 2012
Patricia McLachlan, Mamood Gouneili and Gill Eston (president of the West Vancouver Tennis Club) overlook the courts. This popular event is usually a warm-up for the Senior Nationals, however, the timing of this years' event (August 27 - September 2) was a bit late and many players went to play the National event back East.  Hopefully next year the timing will work out better to allow more players to participate in the Senior's Open.

Photo 1 (left): Left to right, Debbie Maloon, Paul Tornquist and Carol Lau. Carol topped Debbie for the Women's 45 Singles title.

Photo 2: Al Lawry, left, and Ian Stewart.  Al beat Ian, 6-3, 6-0, in the Men's 55 Singles final.  Ian made it to the final last year and maybe he will be lucky next year since third time's the charm!

Photo 3: Kim Le, left, outlasted Tatiana Petrova in the Women's 30 & 35 Singles final, 2-6,6-4,11-9.  Kim also played the Women's 45 Singles where she lost to Carol Lau in the semis, 6-4, 6-3.

Photo 4: Garry Field, left, had his chances in the second set but came short and lost to Gary Gilraine, 6-2, 7-6, in the Men's 65 Singles final.

Photo 5: Gill Eston congratulating Bill Nordmark for winning the Men's 70 Singles.

Photo 6: Ling Feng returning the ball to Robin Naidoo in the Men's 35 Singles final. Ling beat Robin, 7-6, 6-1.

Photo 7: Meet Claire and Norm Allan. Thanks to Claire for the draws, scheduling and updates.

Photos by Gerry Kripps and Mamood Gouneili.

 Event  Winner  Finalist  Score
 Men's 30 Singles  Pho Nguyen  Jonathan Evans  6-0, 6-0
 Men's 35 Singles  Ling Feng  Robin Naidoo  7-6, 6-1
 Men's 45 Singles  Curtis Brennan  Joe Guiotto  6-1,6-2
 Men's 55 Singles  Al Lawry  Ian Stewart  6-3, 6-0
 Men's 65 Singles  Gary Gilraine  Garry Field  6-2, 7-6
 Men's 70 Singles  Bill Nordmark  Round Robin  
 Men's 75 Singles  Norman Hughes  Round Robin  
 Women's 30 & 35 S.  Kim Le  Tatiana Petrova  2-6,6-4,11,9
 Women's 45 Singles  Carol Lau  Deborah Maloon  6-0, 6-3
 Women's 55 Singles  Sally Toft  Round Robin  
 Men's 30-35-45 Dbls  Brennan / Keyes  Round Robin  
 Men's 55 Doubles  Kordyback / Lawry  Round Robin  
 Men's 65 Doubles  Gilraine / Merkel  Rea / Somji  6-3, 6-2
 Men's 75 Doubles  Hughes / Lowe  Round Robin  
 Women's 30-35 Dbls   Lau / Lydon  Round Robin  
 Women's 45 Doubles  Holloway / Pallot  Ostlund / Quo Vadis  6-0, 6-2
 Women's 55 Doubles  Fraser / Holloway  Ewing / Title  6-3, 6-4

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