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The Denny Cardinall 2012
Washington, Oregon and British Columbia senior men's tennis, all doubles, 45's to 80's, played at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis, October 13 - 14.  The 2 day annual tourney is featuring 48 matches with each team to play four matches in each division. This event is bringing together the top senior players in the Pacific Northwest.

British Columbia won the 2012 Denny Cardinall trophy by winning a total of 19 matches over Washington 17 and Oregon 12.

Photo 1 : From left to right, Josef Brabenec, Robert Bettauer, and Russ Hartley represented BC in the 55-plus category.     Josef is recovering from open-heart surgery.  It's good to see him back on the courts again.

Photo 2: Ken Dahl fresh from the Canadian Nationals, where he won both the Men's 65 Singles and Doubles, was playing in the 60-plus division.

Photo 3: Patrick Macken, left, and Paul Devine.

Photo 4: Steve Yesowick.

Photo 5: Bob Puddicombe, left, and Don McCormick were playing in the 65 division.

Photo 6: Gordon Verge is BC's top player in the 75-plus category.

Photo 7: Kent, left, and Brian Roy were teamed-up for the 80-plus.


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