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South Fraser Tennis Society
A group of tennis enthusiasts in Surrey have recently (Oct 2005) set up the South Fraser Tennis Society (SFTS), with the overall goal of promoting tennis and tennis play in the BC Lower Mainland south of the Fraser River. Objectives encompass the development of new indoor courts, more outdoor courts, and a wide variety of programs. The group's timeline extends through to the Olympic year of 2010. The group recently prepared and submitted a report entitled Proposal for Indoor Tennis Facility to the City of Surrey recommending a public indoor facility and they have other proposals in the early planning stages.

SFTS believes the South Fraser is seriously under-represented in both facilities and programs, while the game of tennis is growing tremendously in the Lower Mainland.
  1. There are only 14 indoor courts south of the Fraser River. Contrast this with an impressive 92 indoor courts north of the Fraser River.
  2. Outdoor courts, measured by the number of courts per 1,000 people, range from a low of 0.15 in the North Delta - Surrey area up to 0.89 on the North Shore.