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Hollyburn Junior Classic 2008
Above are the winners of the first tournament of this year's Junior National Qualifying Series, held May 15-19 at the Hollyburn Country Club.  From left to right:  Zach Lidster (U14), Arisha Ladhani (U12), Gergana Boncheva (U16), Adrian Chiu (U12), Sophie Simmons (U18) and Isaac Davies (U10).

Thanks to tournament director Rob Fought for his hard work, ensuring that the tournament was a great success.

Photo 1 (left): Todd Fought, second-seeded in Boys' U14 singles, serving to Stas Pakhomov in the semis.  He lost 6-2, 6-4.

Photo 2: Girl players enjoy a nice sunny day on the weekend.  From left to right: Cassie Chung, Khadija Dumas, Jaclyn Findlay and Natalie Raw.   Unfortunately the good weather didn't last long, and rain forced the finals to move indoors on Monday.

Photo 3: Zach Lidster and his dad, Jerome, came all the way from Kamloops to play in the tournament.  He beat Stas Pakhomov in the U14 finals, 7-5, 6-4.

Photo 4: Gergana Boncheva, left, and Shayan Mirhosseini.  Gergana beat Anett Ferenczi-Bako, 6-0, 6-4, to win the Girls' 16 Singles.  Gergana, Anett and two other finalists in the tournament are getting their training at Peoples Court Tennis Club where the next  tournament in the Series will take place.  Shayan is looking forward to see you all there!   For dates click here.

Photo 5: Fifteen-year-old Anett Ferenczi-Bako, left, and her brother Mark.  They came here just a few weeks ago from Hungary.  She is a new addition to the top junior players in BC, reaching the Girls' 16 Singles final.

Photo 6: Tracy Dong, left, and Katie Benn.  Thirteen-year-old Tracy beat Katie in the Girls' 16 Singles play-off, for third place.  Tracy is the winner of the 2007 U12 Canadian Junior Championships.

Photo 7: Arisha Ladhani and her dad.  Arisha beat Mackenzie Campbell in three sets, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, to win the Girls' 12 Singles title.  Runjia Gan and Alexis Prokopuik had decided to play in Girls' 14 in this tournament.

Event Entries Winner Runner up
Boys' 18 Singles
Boys' 16 Singles
Boys' 14 Singles
Boys' 12 Singles
Boys' 10 Singles
Girls' 18 Singles
Girls' 16 Singles
Girls' 14 Singles
Girls' 12 Singles
Boys' 18 Doubles
Boys' 16 Doubles
Boys' 14 Doubles
Boys' 12 Doubles
Boys' 10 Doubles
Girls' 18 Doubles
Girls' 16 Doubles
Girls' 14 Doubles
Girls' 12 Doubles


Yvon Haessig
Ratan Gill
Zach Lidster
Adrian Chiu
Isaac Davies
Sophie Simmons
Gergana Boncheva
Saroop Dhatt
Arisha Ladhani
Raina / Tchernikov
Gill / Ladhar
Holloway, Janice 
Nguyen / Phaterpekar
Mardikian / Mardikian
Noriega / Yu
Benn / Gjine
Campbell / Ladhani
Adam Guenter
Fateh Singh Ladhar
Stas Pakhomov
Gary Ho
Jack Karp
Nicole Le Dressay
Anett Ferenczi-Bako
Vivian Tsui
Mackenzie Campbell
Bertsch / Sherpa
Herron / Koo
Berry, Micheline
Mcnicol / Padda
Asprovski / Davies
Le Dressay / Simmons
Dong / Shoemaker
Dhatt / Tsui
Fung / Korzeniecki

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