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Getting Started
  • Dynamic Warm-Up: Do several sets of arm and leg swings, front to back, side to side, high knees, high heels, skipping, crossovers, side shuffle steps and crazy walks (walking on toes, heels, inside and outside of your feet)
  • Speed Warm-Up: Do running on the spot "sewing machines" for 3 x 10 seconds at a medium tempo (60 % of full speed). Follow these with 2-3 x "sewing machines" up to 80 % and then up to 90%.
  • Muscle Tendon Warm-Up: Combine ricochet jumps (2 x 20) and progressive power jumps (2 sets of 3 jumps at 30% maximum power, at 60 % maximum power) and do sets of 6-10 reps of alternating lunges. image
PHOTO-Alternating Lunges
PHOTO CAPTION-start slow and gradually increase the depth of the lunge. Knee should track over toes.

Agility Circuit's
Agility Circuits are an excellent way to work on Fast Feet and improve your coordination. Create a menu of exercises using your imagination and make up and agility circuit that mimics your particular needs. Exercises can be varied depending on the setting and equipment available to you. Try doing 2 sets of 6-8 exercises for 10-15 seconds with a 45-50 second rest in between.

Tennis Specific Recommendations:

  • Cone or - Tennis Ball Slalom Drills
  • Hexagonal Rail Drills -use pieces of tape or flat wood to form a hexagon.
  • Line Hopping Drills (double feet, single feet)
  • Square Run Drill (always face forward)
  • Cone Touch Drill
  • kneel to touch cone
  • circle around cone
  • crossovers to cone
  • side shuffles to cone
  • Shuttle Run Drill (1m 2m 3m 4m 5m)image
  • Box Jumps (low box 8-12 inches)
  • Squat Thrusts

PHOTO-Hexagonal Rail
PHOTO CAPTION-Try going around 2-3 times without stopping.

PHOTO-Cone Touch Drillimage
PHOTO CAPTION-Do side shuffle steps or crossovers to the cones for variety.

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