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Tips by Carl Petersen and Nina Nittinger.

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Tennis requires quick movements that pass through many planes of motion and use numerous joints and muscles at the same time. Fast Feet training helps improve foot speed and lateral movement. You will get to more balls sooner and be able get set up to hit the ball properly. Having fast feet also improves stability on court preventing injury and optimizing performance. Fast Feet means having muscles and joints working 3 dimensionally to shorten, lengthen, stabilize and provide optimum function and speed.image

PHOTO-Cone slalom.
PHOTO CAPTION-try runs around the cones, do circles around them for added variety.

Principles of Fast Feet

Wear appropriate shoes:
Ensure proper size, adequate toe box room and the correct shoe for your foot (supinator or pronator). Shoes with the wrong tread pattern or shoes designed for another sport will not allow you to move well. At worst, your shoes could be dangerous. Get professional advice to be sure.

Widen your stance, stay on the balls of your feet and keep moving:
This way you are always ready to move quickly to all directions and your body will stay in balance.

Split Step when your opponent hits:
Wherever you are on the court, either back at the baseline or up at the net, always split step just before your opponent hits the ball. This position will help you move quickly in any direction.

Move faster than the ball and take smaller steps closer to the ball:
Move faster than the oncoming ball so you have a little extra time to prepare for the shot and adjust for the bounce. Take smaller steps as you get closer to the ball. The stutter-step helps you get into the right position to shift your weight into the ball as you hit.

Hit and move:
Avoid watching the result of your shot before you move. The best players hit, move or recover, then watch to see what happens. That way, they are more likely to be in position for the next shot.

Hit with more spin or slice your backhand when you need more time:
It is a false belief of inexperienced players that the faster you hit the ball, the less time your opponent will have to react. Unless it is a winner or a forcing shot, your opponent is able to return the ball sooner, giving you less time.

Run down every ball in practice:
Not only is it great practice for running but running down everything, even if it is wide, will make it feel that much easier when you play.

You have more time than you think:
There is much more time than you think between the first and second bounce. Never give up on a shot unless you don't have the necessary space.