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Before starting your exercise routine do some dynamic warm up drills. Dynamic warm up uses combined joint movements to push the limits of range of motion prior to activities that are dynamic in nature. (all training including tennis). Examples of this are shoulder and arm swings, hip and leg swings, lunges, squats and torso twists This type of stretching is important prior to beginning any activity and must be included as part of the training routine. The following exercises are designed to help to develop the core and to strengthen specific larger muscles in a dynamic and functional way. These exercises will also facilitate co-ordination of the extremities and the torso. Before getting started it is important to warm up. Try leg swings back and forth and side to side. Try 10-15 minutes on a stationary bike to get the heart pumping.

Squats specifically train the gluteals, hamstrings and quadricep muscles while the balance component trains the core. When squatting, the forward knee should not come in front of the plane of the toes. imageKeep your tummy tucked in and your posture upright. Try the following exercise progressions to build core, lower body and upper body strength.

Wall Squats
Don't let knee get ahead of the toes. Increase leg strength and stability by gradually increasing number of repetitions and depth of the squat. Start with 2 x 10 and increase to 3 x 20. Keep knees lined up over toes. Progress to single leg squats when able.

Bridging Hamstring Curlsimage
This exercise is a great way to strengthen the hamstring muscles while working on your core. Start with bridging on the ball (raise bottom up). Progress to curling the ball towards you with both legs. Final progression is to curl the ball in the bridging position with one leg. Start off with 2 sets of 6 repetitions and progress as strength and ability allow.
Split Squats
Put back leg on the ball. Start off with 2 sets of 6 repetitions and progress as strength and balance allow. This exercise stretches the hip flexors and improves balance at the same time.

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