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Most training and sports like tennis are asymmetrical in nature and can torque the body's muscle and fascial systems leading to an imbalance in length and strength of muscles and tendons. As well, the flexed posture of competitive sport further adds to this imbalance. Simple symmetrical stretches for the low back and hips will help keep you aligned. However, if you're experiencing low back, sacral iliac joint or hip pain, tightness or discomfort talk to your Therapist to see if your pelvis is mal-aligned. He or she can give you some simple hold relax exercises followed by some key stretches to remedy it.


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All stretches should be held for 30-40 seconds to point of tension NOT PAIN

Recovery Workout
To help flush out the lactic acid and other waste products thatimagebuilt up in the muscle during training and play, try the following routine "spin only" light resistance cycle at 75-80 RPM (revolutions per minute) and a H.R.(heart rate) of 100-115 BPM (beats per minute).
Two ways to achieve this are:
A) 1 x 20-30 cycle spin followed by light stretching or
B) 2 x 10-15 min. with some light stretching in between.

You can substitute pool, fast walk or elliptical trainer for variety.

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