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An hour of work out with Reggie
As tennis requires constant movement, balance, stability and core strength; we came to see how Reggie Zebi, a professional  fitness trainer, teaches these fundamental skills to top junior players in BC. 

Above photo: front row, left to right, Kiran Phaterpekar, Sam Gouneili, Neel Phaterpekar, Benjamin Sigouin, Alexandra Sigouin, and Monica Greene.  Top row: Stefan Ungurean, Tejas Phaterpekar, Kyryll Kryvchun, Ryan Koo, and Reggie.

They come two to three times a week for a one-hour routine work-out as part of their overall training program.

Components focus on skip rope, adapt to changing rhythms, maintain balance in different situations, react quickly to multiple signals and have good multi-directional running techniques, strength-endurance exercises and core stability.

Photo 1: A Dynamic Warm-up first to activate key muscles, increase blood flow, and prepare body for an effective session.

Photo 2:   Medicine Ball.  Kyryll Kryvchun is taking an 8-lb. medicine ball,  bringing it over his head with both hands (one hand is broken!), tight and long, and driving the ball down hard. This exercise develops his upper body and will improve his serve.

Photo 3: Balance.  Here, Reggie is showing kids how they should perform this drill for their balance and stability.

Photo 4: Training with Physio Ball and using its instability to stay balanced and engage many more muscles.

Photo 5: Leg Bridge develops lower core and lower body strength and stability.

Photo 6: Agility.  Ryan Koo is zigzagging and running around a row of cones.

Photo 7: Hurdle Drill.   Cross over hurdle is best for your footwork. This drill enables you to get to more balls faster, under greater control and in balance.

Photo 8: Stretching and cooling down at the end of the exercise session is a must.

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